Home Equity

Ready for your next project?

We can help.  Whether you're looking at a home renovation or major home repairs, flexible payment options and low interest rates make home equity products a go-to choice for smart borrowers.  

Home Equity Loan

A fixed-term loan that borrowers receive in a lump sum up front.  The home equity loan has a fixed interest rate and a schedule of fixed payments for the term of the loan.  Home equity loans are a great option for borrowers that like a set monthly payment or have a large expense such as a down payment or a major home repair project.  

  • Fixed Rate and Term
  • Easy to Budget Payments
    • Great for Large Expenses

Home Equity Line of Credit

Home equity lines give borrowers access to a variable, low interest-rate credit line that allows you to spend to a certain limit.  HELOCs are a great option for people who want to access a revolving credit line for variable expenses, such as tuition or home renovations and emergencies that they can't predict.  

  • Variable Rate 
  • Interest Only Payments Available
  • Ideal, Accessible Emergency Fund


Use our home equity line calculator to determine your borrowing power.

Home Equity Line Calculator